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The Versies Picies suggests that the process set in motion
with the drawing of the first point has begun to bear fruit. From the point, the line
and the circle have unfolded, the spiral and the eclipse have come into being, and
now a second circle have taken shape, producing the versica, the symbol or creation.
The Space between the circles is a womb from which any number of things are reborn.....

- John Michael Greer - Techniques For Geometric Transformation

We are the World Link Non Profit, The World Market Link Broadcast, MertitytesMuses
Entertainment & More! This Website is dedicated to promoting & re-shaping the Worldwide Economy
one tweet, share or post at a time, while showing support for Online & Local Businesses, Artists & more through
The World Market Link Broadcast & Directory. This is a Non-Profit Organization thats run completely out of pocket!

True Imagination Station welcomes you the most awesome year EVER, 2014!
Thank you all for your continued support on Twitter, Retweets & Mentions On FB!
Thank you personally to WML Group members on Facebook for your continued support!
Thanks twitter followers for sharing & interacting with other group memebers and/or retweeting
WML member posts in Twitter & Facebook & helping Small businesses, 3 Twitter accounts are
updated in our Twitter/Core Section for the best sharelove!

3 NEW Best Share Love Businesses to be chaged January 22nd 2014!

Thank you for all patient PAST fans & Fans at Facebook, we have had a tough
run getting back here and it only gets better from here :) More to some, of course!
For more info, visit News in The Core (middle)

Our Core (middle orange thingy) has been updated with ALL sections up and running.
The World Market Link Directory holds links to stores & profiles of our Fellow sellers on Ebay,
Facebook, Addoway, Bonanza, E-Crater, Rubylane, International Trading Markets, Yardsellr,
Etsy, Artfire, Blogspot, Zazzle, Wix & Independant friends from Twitter & Local Buisnesses
of ours around the World including Local Linkable shops/stores both American & Worldwide!
Please read instructions in the Intro inside the menu on the page for Navigation!

More Promotions ahead on Facebook Timeline and Daily broadcasts totally funded by
our portal stores and auctions for our Marketplace and because we LOVE it.

Friend up at our Facebook where we introduce new Stores or Artists or subscribe!
Otherwise follow on Twitter and we will get to you. For more information please visit News
located in the Middle (The Core). New Facebook Fanpage features! Please stop by!

NEW E-Commerce, Handmade & Artisans added
January 16th 2014! NEW stores & artists are now marked with a Star :)

The Cream of the Crop in Small - Medium Businesses! Support Worldwide
Internet & Small -Medium Local businesses by making a pact this year to making a difference
in your community & Help American Jobs & as well Worldwide!
Come and visit now, located in our Core - Marketplace!

Also in the Core, our Marketplace Ebay Auctions! Join us every weekend in 2014 on Ebay!
Wacky Saturday & Sunday Showcase in our middle Core Section, is updated on or
before Monday, which includes our lineup on eBay in our Core-Marketplace in the Versica Picies.
For those who are not familiar, most auctions on eBay are late night and only on the Weekends.
We offer RARE memorabillia, Decor, Novelty Collectibles, Books, Music, Tokens & Coins.

Our 2014 eBay includes Buy It Nows & Auctions! All proceeds go to the running of TIS.

We deal with Depression Glass, Knives, memorabillia, vintage jewelry, comics, accessories,
Advertising & more through store & auctions every weekend, starting late 10-11PMEST!
Thank you all that attended our 2013 Wacky Saturday & Sunday Auctions!

Wacky Saturday & Wacky Sunday are on Vacation until March 2014!

30 items available until April 1st - 2nd & 10 more NEW items added March 6th 2014! 2 SOLD!

The Top Section of the Versies Picies houses 3 Pyramids each with ajoining sections & endeavors.
Khufu's The Great Gallery for AWESOME givers & The Pyramid Menkaure is open with our Public, Adult
Education & Governmental & Health Resources called World Resource Link.

To begin construction, The Queen's Three Pyramids Section, to be dedicated
to Home School & Child Services with games, blogs & important information that Home School
Moms/Dads need to know. This should start construction in March :)
Thank you ahead for your interest!

Also, we have in the Khafre Pyramid, Mertitytes Muses at YouTube! There is still alot to be done in
organizing and adding Music lists, so stay tuned! You can get there right from Khafre or
listening in on Twitter or Facebook through TIS Marketing Board!

Also in Khafre, The Playground of the Sphinx Gameroom with with FREE FLASH GAMES, which is
under maintenance Dec-February 2014, and our Chamber of Imaginateers which is currently
under construction and should be finished early 2014 & Mertitytes Muses Entertainment!
Stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

The World Link Non-Profit Center in the Khufu Pyramid Organizations & resources offer
Charity, Give FREELY Spiritual Advice or Make a Difference in our Community! Located in the
Top of the Versies Picies as well! The more the marrier, so if you would like to be on that list, just
follow us on Twitter and Sharon will give me the heads up.

NEW Saints & FREE Trade added January 18TH-21ST 2013!

If you are also holding a section or business dedicated to Charaties
and FREE self help & information services, you can contact us
in our contact form, located in the above sections, the blue scarab.

The Bottom section is open, but other sections are going to be under construction
and will remain so in 2014. We are hoping to wrap TPP first.
The Penniless prophet info at the top of this page, under the introduction.

All Pyramids are located in our Top (The Future) Section of the Versies Picies.

Thank you for your visit and interest!

~Renee and Sharon~

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View more gifts at Zazzle.

View more gifts at Zazzle.

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